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 June 2011


3 The Development of a MEMS/NEMS-Based 3 D.O.F. Compliant Micro Robot M. Balucani, N.P. Belfiore, R. Crescenzi, M. Verotti

11 Some Issues on Holonic Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation D. Panescu, C. Pascal

19 Optimizing Parameters of Trajectory Representation for Movement Generalization: Robotic Throwing A. Gams, T. Petri , L. Žlajpah, A. Ude

27 Pneumatronic Unit for Motion of Bows E. Ravina

35 A Multi-Behaviour Algorithm for Auto-Guided Movements in Surgeon Assistance E. Bauzano, V.F. Muńoz, I. Garcia-Morales

43 Quadrotor Control Based on Partial Sensor Data L. Kis, B. Lantos

51 Simulation Investigations on a Novel Approach to Model Reference Adaptive Controllers J.K. Tar, I.J. Rudas, J.F.Bitó, K.R. Koz owski, C. Pozna

61 Time-Optimal Motion Planning for Robots S. János, M. József

75 Isotropy in Any RR Planar Dyad under Active Joint Stiffness Regulation N.P. Belfiore, P. Di Giamberardino, I.J. Rudas, M. Verotti

83 CAD Based Techniques for Workspace Analysis and Representation of the 3-CRS Parallel Manipulator
K. Assad Arrouk, B.C. Bouzgarrou, G. Gogu

91 An Experimental Evaluation of Earthquake Effects on Mechanism Operation S. Sula, M. Ceccarelli, D. Pisla

99 Exercise Device for Upper-Extremity Sensory-Motor Capability Augmentation Based on Magneto-Rheological Fluid Actuator R. Kamnik, J. Perdan, T. Bajd, M. Munih

105 Laboratory Test for an Integrated Device in Agricultural Applications A. Manuello Bertetto, C. Falchi, R. Pinna, R. Ricciu

113 Autonomous Sensor Networks for Monitoring Industrial Processes with Application to Mobile Robots
G. Balakrishnan, S.S. Hiremath

125 Collision and Proximity Avoidance for Robust Behaviour
of Real-Time Robot Applications A. Dumitrache, T. Borangiu


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